Experienced people, applying intelligent strategies, using agile technologies across a broad portfolio of customer acquisition platforms – delivering consistent results to meet evolving client needs.

Its tough to buy leads online that you can trust.  Flatiron Media has been working with clients to develop high-quality, scaleable customer acquisition channels since 2005.  If quality, compliance and dependability are priorities in your customer acquisition strategy Flatiron is the partner for you. Please contact us for more information about products and services to help develop targeted email leads, push notifications, SMS communications and even TCPA compliant warm transfer.

Play by the rules. Flatiron delivers high-yield results from both owned and partner channels.  We work exclusively with tier-1 publishers, on a completely transparent basis, using a combination of leading 3rd party and proprietary systems to provide cutting-edge; validation, verification, pre-ping, TCPA compliance and active optimization.  Flatiron makes sure that your offer is where it is supposed to be, displayed how it is supposed to display and is in front of the consumer who needs to see it.

Pay attention to client needs. Campaigns, no matter how successful, need curation. Each Flatiron client has a dedicated sales team member and ops representative. We make modifying and updating campaigns a priority – adapting to the changing needs of every client – delivering targeted email leads. Flatiron clients can expect optimization, reporting and regular reliable communication with consistently fast turn-around on all requests.

Stay current. Technology rules change — ESPs, ISPs and other influencers can impact market penetration very quickly. It is critical to understand how to accommodate tech influencers when the rules change; otherwise, ROI and deliverability can be devastated. NYC-based Flatiron’s tech is never subcontracted. We have been successfully managing agile infrastructure to meet the ever-changing rules of digital communication since 2005.

Our Priorities

Actionable, Accurate Data

All data is not created equal. If it isn’t accurate and actionable, it brings no value. When you buy leads online quality is vital so you don’t wast time and money chasing non-existent or disinterested consumers. Flatiron takes all  opt-in data and rigorously validates it using proprietary programs that ensure precise results. We also use proven third-party software to scrub invalid email addresses, check for bots, eliminate spam traps, validate physical addresses and phone numbers, and ensure that we reach active/primary email addresses for each consumer.

Consumer-Focused Advertiser Relationships

The millions of consumers who register monthly on Flatiron-branded sites provide diverse personal information, including health concerns, aspirations, and current life goals and hurdles. We use this data to customize advertiser offers – and allow consumers to choose the brands with which they prefer to engage.

Value of The Consumer-Advertiser “Handshake”

Data consent and collection introduces a relationship between the brand and consumer. What is the handshake? The simple handshake represents mutual respect, transparency, willingness and consent of both parties. We strive to maintain these ideals with our consumers and partners. When you buy leads online with us you will always receive high-quality targeted email leads resulting in some of the industry’s highest conversion rates and ROI.

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