Customer Acquisition: Lead Generation, Email Address Database, Push Notifications, SMS, Newsletters, Display Advertising

Flatiron Media is a full-service customer acquisition service provider. Whether your customer communication and acquisition goals include database development or directing interested traffic to your website, app, social media networks or call center, Flatiron has the tools to get the job done. Our robust offerings include a complete portfolio of both in-house and partner channels, giving our clients access to: lead generation, email marketing, push notification and display opportunities. This type of diversity allows Flatiron to match clients with channels that align directly with their targets and goals.

Flatiron Media: Turning Consumers into Customers - driving consumer traffic and lead generation for successful email address database development

Communication = Customers

L3@D shouldn’t be a
four- letter word!

Lead Generation has gotten a bad rap for years — but it’s part of what we do, and we’re not ashamed to say it. At Flatiron, we play by the rules, and we do it well. Established, experienced and technically advanced, Flatiron Media understands how to identify and deliver quality customers through lead generation and email address database development. We generate more than 50 million client leads year after year, with an unmatched client retention rate.

Providing high-quality, convertible leads which in turn drive successful: email marketing, push notification, SMS and warm transfer campaigns for our clients.

  • Lead Evaluation via Pathfinder Technology
  • Validation & Verification
  • Age, Gender & Geotargeting
  • Pre-ping
  • Campaign Optimization
  • NO Incentivized Traffic
  • Single Opt-in
  • Double Opt-in
  • Warm Transfer/IVR
  • Full Web Form
  • TCPA Compliant
TCPA compliant, focused Lead Generation fuels communication, email marketing, sms, push and warm transfer

Lead Generation Resources

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CTR soars to 50% with Pathfinder optimization

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Whole Foods

Geo-targeted email address database development success

ArcaMax Publishing 

A 5 year ROI of 150% , consistent reliable long-term lead gen and customer acquisition.

Proprietary technology to evaluate engagement and target/match consumers and advertisers

Portfolio of over 200 publications helps to connect consumers with brands based on lifestyle, geography and demographic data

Email … Push … Display …

All content is not
created equal

Compelling, targeted content prequalifies the best clients for your brand, and channels should be selected based on readers’ likelihood of aligning with your company’s messaging. Because our portfolio spans a diverse range of topics, speaking to consumers from known demographic groups, Flatiron can place our clients’ messaging in the web sites, newsletters and push notifications that align directly with their customer acquisition targets.  Coupling this portfolio’s email address database with Flatiron’s experienced, customer-first team, helps optimize, refine and scale email marketing campaigns to meet our clients’ data acquisition goals.

  • 200+ Publications: Web sites & Newsletters
  • Millions of Subscribers & Visitors
  • Organized by demographics & interests
  • Constant, active list scrubbing
  • Display Ads
  • Push Notifications
  • Link-outs
  • Email List Rental

Publishing Resources

Push Notifications:
How They Work

Driving Traffic:
Tools and methods for developing reliable customer acquisition. Email address databases, push, display, newsletters.

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Lead Generation
Targeted Communication = Customers


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