What makes us different?
Pathfinder Lead Generation Software

Pathfinder is Flatiron’s proprietary lead generation software, which validates each prospect while monitoring  engagement, demographics and behavior. Through a series of evolving algorithms, Pathfinder identifies quality leads. These leads are matched with business’ targets, creating reliable distribution channels for our clients. As a result, we are able to generate thousands of leads per day for any advertiser in any industry.

Why our own lead generation software? E-mail delivery, browser algorithms and other variables can change weekly.  Because we have developed and maintain Pathfinder in-house we have the ability to update and respond to environmental changes resulting in swift real-time adaptation.

What makes us different?

Established in 2003 Flatiron Media continues to be owned and operated by its founding leadership maintaining focus on quality, reliability and results. Pathfinder technology is a key component in each.

Building Business
Since 2005

Flatiron's portfolio of published assets is enhanced when combined with proprietary Pathfinder lead generation software.

An Extensive Network
of Publisher assets

Pathfinder lead generation software hones results and pinpoints consumers who are most relevant - developing high quality convertible leads.

Proprietary Technology

Find out more about how your company could benefit from Flatiron's services: high quality, reliable lead generation through e-mail, sms, newsletter distribution, web display and push notifications

+50 Million Leads
generated for clients annually

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